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Weekly Maintenance
Man Mowing Lawn
Man Mowing Lawn

Weekly / Bi-weekly Lawn Maintenance

Service includes up to 22 weeks with optional mid-October cut. Includes cutting, trimming, blowing and hard edging of sidewalks and driveways.

Vacation Lawn Maintenance

Service includes cutting, trimming, blowing and hard edging of all sidewalks and driveways for a scheduled period.

Suburban House

One Time Mow and Trim

Service includes a one-time cutting, trimming, blowing and hard edging of all sidewalks and driveways

Spring Start Up Program

Service Includes low mow and trim (to clean up excess thatch), full deep core aeration, that includes pulling 2”-3” inch cores over the entire property ,hard edging of all sidewalks and driveways, and an application of our best performing fertilizer and grass seed for a healthy and lush


Leaf Blowers

Top Dressing & Overseeding

Service includes top dressing of all areas of property requiring attention with the highest quality screened top soil along with an application of high quality grass seed.

Spring Start Up
Aerating & Over Seeding

Deep Core 

Full property deep core aeration, where 2”-3” inch cores are pulled over the entire area, allowing air and water to penetrate the roots of the grass.

Installing Turfs

Mulch installation

Service includes delivery and install of mulch to existing landscaped areas, mulch beds, islands and boulevards.

Shrub Pruning / Trimming

Pruning / Trimming – Service


Sidewalk and Driveway Edging

Service includes edging of all sidewalks and driveways to give your lawn that professional curb appeal appearance.

Fall /Winter Prep Program

Service includes clean up of all leave and lawn debris, final mowing and trimming, hard edging of all driveway and sidewalk areas, a deep core aeration of all areas of the

property along with an application fall lawn fertilizer and an application of grass seed preparing the lawn for its winter sleep and spring growth.

Rake and Wheelbarrow
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